About Us

“Cheap Cargo” carries out small and large-scale cargo transportation in Baku and also in the territory of the republic.
The service has been operating since the beginning of 2007. The company carries out cargo transportation throughout the country 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, the company provides customers with complex ancillary services accompanying cargo transportation.

“Cheap Freight” services include:

1. Cargo transportation

2. Relocation of houses

3. Relocation of offices

4. Relocation of warehouses

5. Disassembly and Folding of Furniture Transportation and Installation

6. Machine Master and Manpower

7. Cargo transportation to cities and regions

8. Transportation of pianos and grand pianos

9. Transportation of pets

10. Free inspection of houses

11. Most importantly, we are working on discounts (50%)

There are 6 advantages of using “Cheap Freight” service:

1. Reasonable price
2. Cargo transportation to any point of the republic
3. Professional workforce
4. 24 hours uninterrupted service
5. 100% guarantee on transported goods
6. High customer satisfaction in service

If you are looking for a company that provides high-quality transportation and delivery of your goods at an affordable price, you can apply to the “Cheap Freight” service.